"Fuck him he’s a DJ"

"Fuck him he’s a DJ" is an original track from Ke$ha’s remix album, "I am the Dance Commander + I Command you to Dance: The Remix Album". I’m not one for remixes really. I don’t necessarily dislike remix material, it’s more about my brain rejecting the categorization of them (and the annoyance of tags and such). Since "I am the Dance Commander + I Command you to Dance: The Remix Album" was a remix album, I never really thought much about it. However, tonight I was randomly looking at the  tracklist of the album, and noticed a song title I didn’t recognize. "Fuck him he’s a DJ" was that track (DUH!!).

The song is pretty enjoyable. Nothing amazing, but I will probably listen to it a bunch of times. My only complaint is that I wish that there was a comma after the word “him” in the song title (making it “Fuck him, he’s a DJ” - but who am I to dictate such a thing).

So anyway, now I am listening to the entire release. Still not a huge remix guy, but it’s cool stuff nonetheless.

Ke$ha/Kesha, I am ready for another album whenever you are.

PS: I love that Ke$ha is holding a sword on this album cover.


"The Awakening of Gaia"

"The Awakening of Gaia" is the debut album from Italian gothic metal band Crysalys. The band employs a kind of symphonic gothic-metalcore(?) sound with female operatic vocals.

I have been listening to this album over the last few days, and overall the material is pretty cool, I guess. I don’t love it, but it has a uniqueness to it that I appreciate. To be honest, I like the vocals a lot. The music, however, is just kind of ehhhhh. There are certainly times that both the music and the vocals combine to create a really neat section, but just not consistently throughout the album.

Maybe worth a listen, even if to just check out the vocals.



"Celestite" is the new album from Washington State band (woot woot, Washington State!), Wolves in the Throne Room.

Aside: I hate that I have to say “Washington State” as opposed to just “Washington”. I hate that I naturally type it out - without really even thinking about it. I hate that Washington D.C. is called “Washington” and Washington is called “Washington State”. Why not called Washington D.C. “Washington D.C.” (or “D.C.”, if you like) and Washington “Washington”? Maybe there’s a reason. Maybe it makes sense. I’m going to assume though, that if there is a reason, I will think it is dumb. I feel pretty confident in saying that most Washingtonians TOTALLY agree with me.

Aside of the aside: Speaking of Washingtonians, I watched the horror movie, “The Washingtonians” last night; it was just as enjoyable as last time.

Anyway… this is my 2nd time through the album, and I think it is pretty solid. Obviously, if you have listened to the album already, the material is a pretty significant departure. Where before they were doing some black metal/post-black metal stuff, now they are more in the ambient/drone(?)/post-back metal(?) camp. There are no vocals. I wouldn’t call this guitar-y.

This is easily my least favorite album by them, but I do like the album overall. Sometimes change is good, sometimes change is bad. Sometimes you don’t know the change was good until the next album or two (because discography-progression matters, to me at least, even though I just made that term up).

I wish I could say that this was “Black Cascade” 2.0, but it’s not that. It’s something else, and that’s fine with me.


Washington D.C.

"Mary Star of the Sea"

"Mary Star of the Sea" is the name if the sole album by alternative rock band, Zwan. Zwan was the supergroup formed by Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin (and others) in 2001, when it was thought that The Smashing Pumpkins was no more. "Mary Star of the Sea" was released two years later, and I have always thought it was just okay. It certainly reeks of Billy Corgan, as he, perhaps unsurprisingly, penned the vast majority of the album, but it doesn’t quite have the same oomph as his previous output.

Aside: The way Corgan describes his experience while in the band, is it possible that that may have affected the material? Who knows.

"Mary Star of the Sea" is not a bad album by any means, but it is nothing that I am in love with.

The Smashing Pumpkins

I’ve been listening to a lot of material by The Smashing Pumpkins over the last few days. I think I like them more as an adult than I do as a wee—aged person.

Aside: It’s crazy to actually think about when these albums were released. It’s like, “Shit! When was “Adore” released? ‘98!?!? That means that “Mellon Collie…” was even earlier than that! ‘95!?!? Fuck.”

I just now, this second, started listening to their 2012 release, “Oceania”, which I liked a lot. The listening continues!

I hope everyone is well!



Holy shit. These guys are much much better than I remembered.

"Goblin Island" is the only album I had heard before tonight. That was probably around ‘06-‘07, so quite a while ago. Anyway, I listened to "Goblin Island" just a bit ago, and it lived up-to and soared well beyond my memory of it. I’m listening to their followup album, "Stench", as I type this, and it is pretty sick thus far.

Say yes to Nekrogoblikon!

Happy Birthday to me!

I am non-celebrating by just doing what I always do; I am listening to music! Yay for music! Right now I am on my initial listen-through of heavy metal band Stallion’s full-length debut, “Rise and Ride”. So far I am really impressed. The riffs are interesting and whiplash-y. The solos are scorchers. Good stuff here.

Later I think I will listen to some Nekrogoblikon, because my friend reminded me that they existed. Yay for music!

"Кузбасс Массакре"

The only reason I listened to this band was because of the album art, which I super love. The band is МИША!, a Russian Federation grindcore/powerviolence band. The material was okay, I guess (the release is only nine and a half minutes, so a proper opinion after one listen is probably null).

PS: Speaking of powerviolence, I finally got my hands on a physical copy of Fuck on the Beach’s “Power Violence Forever” a month or so back. Sick record.

PPS: I am going double-image on this one!




The Seattle Mariners can still make the playoffs. Every game matters. King Felix will be on the mound. Go Mariners!

Incidentally, I am currently listening to a band from the state of Washington, Ceremonial castings. Specifically, I am listening to their most recent album, “Cthulhu”. Good stuff. It is probably my least favorite of their albums. That bar is pretty high though, so it’s hard for me to totally-accurately gauge. Still good stuff anyway.


Early AM Music!

I love waking up in the middle of the night (or really early), getting up, and enjoying the silence of the rest of the general area sleeping. When I say enjoy the silence, I mean blast music in headphones.

Doing some re-listens of a few Running Wild albums. Currently listening to “Blazon Stone”. It’s a really good album. I really like the solo in “Straight to Hell”. Other favorite tracks include “Billy the Kid”, “Rolling Wheels”, and the title track. They also do a sick cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Genocide”. I love Thin Lizzy, so this is amazing.

Running Wild was such a good choice to check-out; they consistently have good material.


I am a few tracks into the new K-Rino album, “Deprogrammed”. Much like with Cannibal Corpse in the last few posts, it is business as usual here. K never disappoints.

As a Seattle Mariners fan, I enjoyed the lyric in the song, “F.S.R.”:

"…like a batter facing Randy Johnson, fool, I’m looking at the big picture…"

Also, since Randy Johnson is my all-time favorite player, this is extra-special. Thanks, K!

PS: Mariners, WHY!!?!?!?!? **Crying and drinking**

Conclusion for “A Skeletal Domain”

I have listened to “A Skeletal Domain” a few times now. Like I read, and really, like I assumed, “A Skeletal Domain” is business as usual, so really really good. My top 5 tracks (in chronological order) are:

“High Velocity Impact Spatter”, “Sadistic Embodiment”, “Headlong into Carnage”, “Icepick Lobotomy”, and “Bloodstained Cement”.

Cannibal Corpse are so good; it will be a shame, when the day comes that Cannibal Corpse no longer release albums. Cannibal Corpse is not respected enough (even if you say that they are highly respected). We all take them for granted. Tsk Tsk, us.


"A Skeletal Domain"

I just realized that death metal stalwarts, Cannibal Corpse released a new album, “A Skeletal Domain”. Cursory research of public opinion is, “same ol’ Cannibal Corpse”, which I think is fantastic.I just  now started listening to the album. Based on the first two tracks, “High Velocity Impact Spatter” ans “Sadistic Embodiment” this seems very likely to be true.

New Cannibal Corpse is always a treat. And on we go……!

Ca-razy Aside: I am watching the the Movie “Bad Taste”, a Peter Jackson endeavor (well, I am visually, not audibly). I just finished the song “Kill or Become”. The lyric of the chorus is, “Fire up the chainsaw….”. Throughout the song, a character from the movie, Derek (played by Peter Jackson) is violently wielding a chainsaw. It as rather fitting, in an accidentally literal way.


“Treasure Island”/Running Wild, 2 More, and Folk Metal!

Oh man, so I finally got around to listening to the German heavy metal band Running Wild in the last week or so. Holy shit, I totally missed the boat on these guys. Anyway, so I decided to get on-board with Running Wild, and  then reaped many-a-rewards.

Aside: Wow, I just realized of the German foursome, or whatever their collective name is (they being Helloween, Running Wild, Grave Digger, and Gamma Ray), before my recent Running Wild listening that is, I had really only listened to Helloween. This is significant because there is a potential goldmine here. Wowza!

Here is a narrative(?):The first couple of Running Wild albums were okay. “Branded and Exiled” was definitely the first album that made my ears perk up. Then the door was blasted off with “Under Jolly Roger”. Running Wild was really speaking to me now. The followup, “Port Royal”, sledgehammered just as hard. I was sold. Rolf Kasparek is my dude.

On a semi-tangent, while listening to the epic Running Wild track, “Treasure Island”, I was reminded of the Russian folk metal band Pagan Reign for some reason. So now I am listening to a bunch of folk metal.

I like the recorder

PS: On a totally unrelated followup, I totally dig Opeth’s new album “Pale Communion” a ton. I like it better than “Heritage” probably-definitely. Super good.



"Goblin" is also an instant classic for me. What a song!

I think I like this album more than “Heritage” already. We shall see…..

PS: Is “Goblin” a reference to the Italian band Goblin? Probably.